Welcome to Canes Edge!


 Welcome everyone to Canes Edge, a new website dedicated to covering the Carolina Hurricanes and the NHL.  We plan to provide consistent news, interviews, game coverage, and special features about the team, as well as the NHL.

While this site might be new, I have been around awhile and I am best known as being the creator and primary contributor of Canes Country, which originated over 10 years ago.

Ten Years After

One of my favorite things about my previous sites was the interaction and conversation between and among readers.  I hope to continue that same tradition here.  The comment section is open and everyone is able to offer their opinions after each article, so please feel free to do so if you wish.

We also have a forum here, for extended conversations or for discussions about other topics.  As of now, there is no moderation.  At some point in the future if that is needed, it will be discussed among the active members of the forum community.


Something you will not see here is over-bearing, obtrusive advertising.  I will accept some link ads or small local advertising, but nothing that overwhelms the site.  If anyone gets pop up ads, please let me know because it is unintentional.

At some point in the future, the site might accept a couple of experienced writers who would like to contribute.  If interested, send me an email at canesedge@gmail.com to inquire.

Soon the site will have a blog roll page as well as a page for RSS feeds of the top Canes or hockey related sites.  Look for those additions as well as other unique updates in the near future.

If anyone has questions, suggestions, complaints, news to share, or just wants to shoot the breeze, feel free to email me at anytime.   (canesedge@gmail.com)

Thank you for visiting!



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