The Carolina Hurricanes released their training camp schedule and camp roster recently and 57 skaters will take the ice on Friday in two different groups as the team begins their preseason.  The club is missing two more players, Sebastian Aho and Teuvo Teravainen, who are both still playing for Team Finland in the World Cup.  They will join the Canes after the Finns are eliminated.

Group A will take the ice at 8:30 am and will scrimmage Group B at 9:45.  After the scrimmage, the B Team will then remain on the ice until 11:30, when their on-ice session concludes.

Both Groups switch time frames on Saturday.

They will have a scrimmage at 1 pm on Sunday during the annual Caniac Carnival.  Then things get more serious as the game squads will travel to Washington for an exhibition game on Monday night and Tampa Bay on Tuesday.

Check out the two page training camp roster in the next link:

The training camp schedule is next:


  1. Just looked at the roster, not bad insofar as lots and lots of talented prospects, especially on offense. The new veteran forwards look like a bunch of pretty good 2nd and 3rd line players, so I still think this team will have scoring deficiencies. If we can stay in the hunt, maybe late in the season we trade prospects and picks for scoring punch to make a run at the playoffs. I just don’t think we have a true first line full of scorers just yet. Still, this is the most excited I’ve been to start the season, PLUS the stupid horn guy at the games is no longer in that role, from an article I read over the summer…

      • I really really really wish they would suck it up and place at least one or two games during the fair. I know that this has been debated to death, but I really feel like spending the first two weeks on the road is a huge impediment to early success, which is what this team needs to get people in the building.

        • I’m not sure they have any say in the matter, I’m sure the Centennial Authority or the NC State Fair or NC State basically says “yo, you’re outta luck with the parking these dates” and the ‘Canes have to suck it up. But yeah, I’d be soooo much happier if this team didn’t start every season behind the 8-ball…

          • It’s my understand that the ‘Canes choose to take this road trip rather than eat the loss on Parking…which really, at this point does it matter? You simply need to get people in the building for any hope of survival in this market. In fact, survival here may hinge on making the playoffs this year. Coming home 2-4-2 pr some equivalent thereof is prob a dagger for this team here. Just this year, it would have been nice to not have to face that prospect.


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