Hurricanes Last In NHL With Coach’s Challenge

Carolina coach Bill Peters is 0-13 using his coach's challenge so far this season


Interestingly enough, just one day after Hurricanes Head Coach Bill Peters slammed backup goalie Eddie Lack for his poor performance this season, the NHL released the most current results of the coach’s challenge.

Peters and his staff have yet to win a single challenge this season, putting them at last place in the league.

According to the league’s tracker, which includes games played through March 3, the Canes are 0 for 13.  Only one team in the NHL has tried more challenges, Detroit, (14) and they were successful twice.

The only other team in the East not to win a challenge was the Islanders, who went 0-5.

Out of 243 challenges so far this season, there were 64 on ice calls overturned, 57 from “goal” to “no goal”, and seven from “no goal”, to “goal”.  That is about a 26% league wide success rate for a typical challenge.

On the other side of the coin, the Canes have only had three challenges posed against them so far, the lowest number in the league.  Since most challenges are regarding goalie interference, it would seem that this stat indicates that the Hurricanes do not harass or come close to interfering with opponent’s goaltenders as much as other teams do.

According to the league rule, a team loses it’s timeout if they lose the challenge, so the Canes have lost more timeouts in this situation than any other team.





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