Canes vs. Canucks Game Preview


The Hurricanes (0-0-1) continue their Western Canada road trip against the Vancouver Canucks (1-0-0) tonight with a very late puck drop. Game coverage starts at 10:00pm Eastern time. After a disappointing loss to the Winnipeg Jets 5-4 in OT, the Hurricanes hope they can rebound against a team that many people are predicting to be one of the worst in the NHL this year. And if the Canucks keep doing stuff like this it won’t be hard to argue with the experts.

Yep, you saw that right the Canucks put it in their own net on a delayed penalty call. This is what the Hurricanes are up against tonight. After the Hurricanes face the Canucks tonight, they continue on the road against Edmonton, Calgary, Philadelphia, and Detroit before they return to Raleigh for their home opener against the Rangers.

Per the Carolina Hurricanes site, the roster will be exactly the same with the exception of goalies; Eddie Lack will get the start tonight over Cam Ward. Here are the lines:




The Canucks haven’t posted their official lines yet but most likely they will look something like this:




Will update the Canucks lines as soon as something official is posted by the team. As of right now, the Canucks are the Hurricanes are 1 and 2 respectively in team CF% (all data from Corsica) so this should be a good matchup at least with the way the teams are playing right now.

There are a lot of questions tonight that hopefully Canes fans can get some answers to. Can the Hurricanes continue their scoring, or will they revert back to their normal 2 goal selves? Can the Canucks continue to defy preseason expectations? Will the Hurricanes choke it away no matter how well they play? After watching the Hurricanes for sixteen years the most likely the answer to all these questions will be no, no, and yes, but I have hope and predict the Canes emerge from this one 3-1. Lack produces a stellar performance against his old team, the Skinner-Rask-Stempniak line continues their scoring ways with another goal amongst them, and the fourth line continues their solid play from last game and Bickell chips in a goal off a deflection.

I’ll be watching the game, and If you’d like to comment with me you can message me here


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